FERN Sponsors
The following distinguished advocates of foresight education and research have donated to support FERN projects. We sincerely thank them for their passion, vision and devotion to the cause of foresight advancement.

There are three ways to sponsor FERN activities, our Foundation FundGeneral Fund and Conference Sponsorship.

FERN Foundation Fund
One way to contribute is to the FERN Foundation Fund, which provides perennial support for the organization. Only 80% of the interest from foundation funds can be spent every year, thus ensuring financial support for our mission continually grows with time. 
FERN uses a version of the permanent portfolio investment strategy to maximize long-term return. See Permanent Portfolio – Historical Returns for the long-term performance record of this conservative investment strategy.

Foundation Funders – $5,000+

Steve Jurvetson, Principal, Draper Fisher Jurvetson Venture Capital.

Foundation Funders – $1,000 to $4,999

Your Name Here

FERN General Fund
General funders are foresight advocates, who contribute to the FERN general fund, supporting short-term and growth needs of the organization. General funds are not restricted in use and are critical for initial support of new projects and organizational growth.

General Funders – $5,000+

John M. Smart, Grad, U. Houston, Dir, Accel. Studies Fdn, Faculty, Emerging Technologies, U. Advancing Tech.

General Funders – $1,000 to $4,999

Your Name Here

Foresight Conference Sponsorships
Sponsors of the Foresight Conference are corporations, institutions, and individuals supporting the growth of foresight thinking, action, and careers by contributing financial support to our conference. The two main ways to do that are to become a student sponsor or a conference sponsor.

Student Sponsors - $500+
Student sponsors contribute a minimum of $500 to sponsor an individual student for a particular conference development or production project.

Your Name Here

Conference Sponsors - $500+
Company, institutional , or individual sponsors contribute a minimum of $500 to be listed as formal sponsors of the conference.

Your Company or Institution Name Here

 Other Fundraising
Can you help FERN with a small tax-deductible donation? You can donate to this cause, privately or publicly, through our WePay social donation platform. Every dollar helps, thanks!
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Interested in being a FERN Sponsor?
Can you provide modest financial support to growing the quality and diversity of foresight education and research?
 FERN has a range of projects, listed on our homepage that you might find worthy of support. If so, email susanchesleyfant{at}gmail{dot}com or johnsmart{at}accelerating{dot}org. We’d love to hear from you.